Review: Aranet4 house Wireless indoor Air high quality screen

We’re always thinking about Air high quality sensors as well as the latest one to turn up at the Automated house is the Aranet4.

This is the very first domestic indoor air high quality sensor from the sub-brand of the Latvian business SAF Tehnika. It measures Carbon Dioxide (CO₂), Temperature, family member Humidity as well as Atmospheric Pressure.


The stand out function of this gadget is its capability to show all its measurements on screen. utilizing tech similar to the Eve Room, the screen employs an e-ink screen which provides an informative, if a bit small, panel of readings.

The advantage of this type of screen is its low power demands as well as its high contrast is quickly checked out if there’s great ambient lighting. The system can sit on table or shelf, or be wall mounted if you prefer.


There’s no VOC or PM2.5 detectors here, however the on-board electronics utilize a special type of ‘NDIR’ sensor for CO₂ measurements…

Aranet4 utilizes non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor for measuring the CO₂ level. The gadget has a little gas chamber with infrared light source in which CO₂ takes in the light. An optical filter in front of a detector then filters all of the light except the wavelength that the CO₂ molecules can take in so a precise measurement of the CO₂ level can be made.

As well as the integer screen the screen likewise shows a 3 colour web traffic light system. The maximum indoor CO₂ level thought about acceptable is 1,000 parts per million as well as the colours mean the following:

Green – good (below 1,000 ppm). ideal indoor air quality
Yellow – average (1,000 ppm). brain cognitive function lowers by 15%
Red – unhealthy (1,400 ppm). brain cognitive function drops by 50%

There’s an audible warning buzzer that can be allow or disable as an alarm for dangerous levels. It’s suggested that you calibrate the gadget when per year as well as this can be done automatically or manually.

You can choose measurement to be recorded every 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes as well as Aranet state this will be the difference between your batteries lasting from 4 months to 2 years.

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It’s worth pointing out that the system warns that inserting the batteries incorrectly will damage it terribly sufficient to mean it needs to be returned to the manufacturer for repair. The FAQ likewise warns that a decrease might permanently damage the sensor too, so be careful.


There’s an Android as well as iOS app which is a bit fundamental currently, we’d like to see this establish as well as enhance over time.

Some features can be controlled from the app while other are only available via dip changed that are under the cells in the battery compartment.

1) default measurement interval is set to 5 minutes;2) CO2 sensor automatic calibration is disabled;3) default temperature measurement units are set to Celsius;4) Bluetooth connection is enabled;5) Bluetooth connection transmission variety is set to normal;6) Buzzer for audio noise alarm notifications is disabled;7) CO2 indicator is set to human mode;8) gain access to to Homey wise house assistant is enabled.
The 2nd, 3rd as well as 4th setting can be altered with the switches in the battery compartment on the back of the device, however the staying five settings can only be altered via the Aranet4 phone application.

The app works in portrait mode however turning it to landscape provides a larger view where you can pinch to zoom-in on your data.


There’s an unofficial web API as well as a Python client as well as library offered if you want to try some diy integration as well as the sensor works with Homey too.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Aranet4 is a neat bit air high quality screen with high grade CO₂ sensor.

Its USP is its capability to show you genuine time readings at a glance, without having to get your phone out of your pocket to introduce an app.

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Aranet4 HOME: Wireless indoor Air high quality screen for Home, office or institution [CO2, Temperature, family member Humidity as well as more] Portable, Battery Powered, E-Ink Screen, app for Configuration

exactly monitors indoor air high quality – CO2 (actually measures CO2 level), Temperature, family member Humidity as well as Atmospheric pressure in Real-Time
Visual as well as noise Warnings when CO2 concentration gets as well high
Power effecL’écran E-Ink garantit une durée de vie de la batterie super longue pour ce gadget sans fil (jusqu’à 2 ans)

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